Nature uses math and science to create patterns and circadian rhythms more eloquently than any human artist. The process of using a pine cone or dried up honeybee from below the hive as found objects adds an uncontrolled element to a craft fraught with issues of control and intentional manipulation. These snapshot pieces become functional, wearable sculptures. The artist is now limited and informed by something much larger. The process of making a mold from these beautiful objects completely destroys them and only one solid precious metal replica can be made from each found piece. Every piece is associated with the story of finding that specific object. 

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It is possible to be an environmentalist and a metal smith. My work is created with recycled metals, and is inspired by the concept of nature and architecture living harmoniously. The stones are conflict-free, man-made when possible. Humans have taken enough out of the Earth to figure out how to create any gemstone in a lab, creating jobs that are not slave labor. Why tear the planet up with more ugly and dirty mining practices? “Natural” gemstones are extracted and worn by way of a process that is anything but; I’d rather find my treasures on the ground, hiking or beekeeping.

These fabricated and cast pieces require many times more human energy spent than fuel, as they are hand wrought, using ancient techniques that require time and love, more than resource-sucking technology. Skill and craftsmanship are the end goal, not mass production. The human touch should be felt when worn, this is the most intimate connection a jeweler can have with an audience.